A Global Voice for Autism

Mission: A Global Voice for Autism exists to equip conflict-affected communities with the skills to support the development and success of children with autism in their classrooms, homes and communities

Why A Global Voice for Autism?

Melissa established A Global Voice for Autism in 2012 after traveling to Jerusalem and meeting a family of a child with autism from the West Bank. The family told her that, due to the lack of services and the autism stigma in their community, they planned to hide their daughter in their home. Melissa has a close friend with autism and was shocked to learn that this is the reality for many individuals with autism around the world. Children cannot control where they are born and Melissa believes that a child’s birthplace should not determine his or her opportunities. A Global Voice for Autism strives to make access to communication, education, friendship and community a reality for all children.

To learn more, visit www.aglobalvoiceforautism.org 

To support parent training for families of children with autism, click HERE.

Mersin Cooperative Training Program, 2016